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I have talked about a few ways to passively earn some extra money with both Bing and Swagbucks, and now I want to introduce you to another website that enables you to make a few extra dollars. This new website is called Earn Honey which is an advertising website that shares some of their profits with you, as your membership and viewing of the advertisements is how they make money.  I will not suggest sites that have you doing surveys that might not even credit you at the end, and you’ll end up making less than minimum wage. Your time is more valuable than that, as you could be finding actual work to do instead of that. This website is another income stream that requires very little effort and time from your end. Earn Honey is definitely a good “set it and forget” it way to earn a few extra dollars whenever your computer is on.

When you first sign up on the site, you can watch a video to quickly earn some “honey” as well as filling out a profile about yourself. There are additional more specific profiles that will unlock surveys for you, but this is completely up to you. Essentially you are giving up some personal information about yourself to receive better targeted advertisements and surveys and hopefully more honey. Each little ‘badge’ will also give you 5 honey just for filling them out. I personally don’t do the surveys, but I know there are ones that pop up every so often that are cost effective based on the time it takes to complete and the amount rewarded.

The main method to make money on Earn Honey is through the games tab and it’s a simple process. Once you have created an account, you go to the ‘earn’ link and then click games. Then you will hit play 2048 and let it run – that’s it really! You can also access this from the main menu by simply clicking ‘play 2048’. You don’t need to actually play the game, you just need to leave it open for the ads to play through. You will need to disable any form of ad-block on the website for it to work though. As you play the game a circle will increase as it fills up with ‘nectar’ and once you have 9 nectar you will earn a honey dollar. You can then exchange these honey dollars for either PayPal cash or for amazon gift cards.

From using the site and leaving play 2048 running, I’ve averaged around 200 honey a day. It costs 500 honey to receive a $5 Amazon gift card, so about every 3 days I’m making $5 with very minimal effort. It doesn’t sound like much, and you aren’t going to get rich overnight. But I’m not promising any sort of “get rich fast” scheme, just a simple way to make a few extra dollars to put into your PayPal account or spend on Amazon. You can also make 3 honey per every dollar you spend on Amazon gift certificates, so if you were thinking of purchasing one – here’s a way you can get a little extra “cash back”.

Please remember that in order for Earn Honey to stay in business, they require you to not cheat the system. Multiple browsers and tabs of watching videos and letting the game run are not allowed and you will most likely get banned. If you do hear or see an advertisement that is relevant or you are interested in, feel free to click it. That’s how they are making money and in turn how you are making money! Don’t just click ads for the sake of clicking ads though, as that goes against the policy of almost all advertising partners.

Click here to sign up for Earn Honey and start earning a few extra dollars just for having your computer on when your normally would!

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    1. The nice part about it is you really don’t need downtime, you just open a tab up and let the ads play 🙂

      And it seems like it’s fairly new so that’s why I decided to share it since most people probably have not heard of the site.

  1. Hey,
    This seems like an excellent compliment to swagbucks. I’ve noticed that some of the best swagbucks tips I found were often on their reddit sub. Do you know of any other good methods for Earn Honey other than the 2048 game?
    Rich (27)

    1. I’ve found this to be a great complement to using Swagbucks which I also do passively. The reddit section for Swagbucks is extremely helpful I agree! I also wrote about my own strategies with Swagbucks here:


      You can also watch the videos on Earn Honey which I’ve heard earns even more “honey dollars” but you will be have to pay more attention to click each new video. It’s good if you have dual monitors and can just keep the videos open on one screen while you browse the internet/do whatever on the other screen.

      I’ve found using the 2048 to be the easiest method though.

    1. You now are required to have it as the active screen or at least visible (more when active). I’ve found the best way to use EarnHoney now is by watching videos on a second monitor or splitting your screen in half while letting them roll.

  2. The problem with earnhoney is that it does not work. For example, there is suppose to be a credit for watching a video. About half of the time there is, half of the time there is not. Do you want to write an e-mail for 0.2 cents? Surveys credit sometimes and sometimes do not and almost always do not credit completely. For example, a survey will be 0.50 plus 0.25 bonus. You will get one or the other, not both. And which one you get is sort of random.

    I don’t think it’s crooked. It’s just run by some of the worst progammers on the planet. The aggravation is not worth it. My advice is to forget you ever heard of this site.

    1. I’ve found most sites not to be worth it when doing surveys (unless you are able to pick and choose the high value ones), as they barely pay you anything. I’ve had no issues with running EarnHoney videos on a second monitor and earning HD$. The viewability indicator gives a good way to see if you are going to be credited as well: http://imgur.com/5Y4K8AG

  3. hmm maybe NOT – coz FAQs shows – “””At this time, we do not offer a direct exchange of your HoneyDollar$ for cash.”” nor Paypal too ?
    + thanx to any help

    1. You should be able to redeem to a Visa gift card or to Paypal. Just go to ‘standard redemptions’ along the side menu and you’ll be able to select the two. Hopefully that helps!

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