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swagbucks logoYou may or may not have heard of the popular site to earn some extra money called Swagbucks. If you haven’t I want to share with you my easy way to do that and even if you have I’m hoping you might learn a few things. My strategy with Swagbucks is to spend as little time and effort to get the maximum amount of SB. Your time and my time is worth money, and I’m not trying to sit at my computer all day filling out surveys making a few dollars an hour. My strategy involves a mix of doing a few daily tasks, using mobile apps , and letting videos play in the background on your computer. So without further interruption let’s jump right in to my strategy to make money with Swagbucks.

When you first sign up for Swagbucks you will want to check off that you have a sign up code and enter the code ‘HIP70’ to receive a head start of 70 SB. Then you’ll want to move on to filling out your profile (you can use any picture) and your survey profile. The last thing to do is turn on your daily goals on the left side of the Swagbucks page.

Now that you have everything set up, what I try and do everyday is the four simple tasks on the left hand side of the website under the ‘to do’ list. These four tasks are:

1. The Daily Crave – Stay on two websites for about 30 seconds each and vote whether the website interests you or not to get 1SB
2. Toolbar – You can install the Swagbucks toolbar in your browser, and logging into this will give you 1SB
3. Daily Poll – Simply vote on an option for 1SB
4. NOSO – You can just decline every offer until you reach the end, takes about 30 seconds then enter a captcha for 2SB

make money with swagbucks - daily goal
The daily goal and to do list located on the left hand side

If you consistently do those tasks that’s 5 easy SB a day, or about 150 SB a month on average. This only takes a minute or two of effort so I think that’s it worth it. The next part that is my main focus when using Swagbucks are the mobile apps. These will earn you more SB with little effort once again, which is our goal we are aiming for. There are a variety of apps available on both iOS and Android that have different earning limits and videos.

The strategy with these apps is to add the shortest video possible to your favorites. You do this by going to the video list and swiping right on the the video, which you then access from your favorites in the menu. You will let this video play over and over (With advertisements in between each video play) until you hit the limit on the app. If you have a spare old phone, this is the perfect use for this when you are at home to just plug it in and let it run. You can also do this easily if you are working for home, or even while charging your phone overnight! The apps are the following:

1. Swagbucks TV – Max 36 SB a day – (Android) or (iOS) – The shortest videos on this app are any of the “10 second Tip” videos in the home and garden category.

2. – Max 18 SB a day – (Android) or (iOS) – The shortest videos on this app are the “Bizarre Sightings-Laughter Yoga” and the “Side Lunges” videos.

3. – Max 18 SB a day – (Android) or (iOS) – The shortest videos on this app are again the “10 second Tip” videos in the garden category.

4. Entertainow – Max 18 SB a day – (Android) or (iOS) – The shortest videos on this app are the “Touch First Season” and “Titanic Complete Series” videos in the TV spots category.

5. – Max 18 SB a day – (Android) – The shortest videos on this app are “The Other Woman 2” and “The Giver 2” in the movies channel.

6. – Max 18 SB a day – (Android) – The shortest video in this category is “Love Is All Around by Joan Jett”. No other videos are really worth watching as they are much longer!

You can make up to 126 SB a day from running all these apps and letting the videos play. More realistically you will end up making around 80-100SB a day from these videos. This gives you a whopping 2400 SB a month and that is on the low end. That gives you about $25 in Amazon gift cards a month and that’s not even including your daily goals. Meeting your daily goals will give you a huge bonus at the end of each month without doing anything extra.

swagbucks winning streaks
Winning Streaks from meeting daily goals for free SB

You can also go on the site and do surveys, but I find most of the time these are not worth your time. You end up doing a 15 minute for only a few hundred SB. Your time is more valuable than that because you could probably make more at a minimum wage job! Obviously there are exceptions to this rule too. One thing to look out for though is “Swag Codes” which you enter into the website for a quick few SB. I use to sign up for notifications so that I don’t miss these and there are a few other sources that you can also use.

Another thing that I like to do is let the Swagbucks videos run in the background. If I’m going to be on the computer anyways, might as well earn a few more SB. You do have to enter a captcha and pick a new video every so often, but it’s not something I actively focus on. Video opportunities will also pop-up on your main page as “take a discovery break” and “engage” to earn a quick 2 SB. Under “discover” on the top bar there is also a “read” option that resets once a month that is usually good for a few more easy SB. Do you notice the theme here? We’re trying to use Swagbucks as passively as possible when trying to make money.

reedem swag code area
Area at the top of the website to enter your “swag code”

You can also use Swagbucks in combination with Bing Rewards. If you remember from my previous write up, the goal with Bing Rewards is to earn $5 Amazon cards which cost 475 points on Bing Rewards. The key here is that Swagbucks 500 point cards also cost the same amount. You can then redeem that Swagbucks card on their website and buy an Amazon card for 450 SB and make a 50 SB. You were going to buy the Amazon gift card anyways, so why not get the extra 50 SB? This means every 9 times you go to redeem, you will end up with a “free” $5 Amazon gift card – not bad at all!

You should now be ready to make money with Swagbucks, or at least perfect your own strategy of making some extra money with low effort! If this guide has been any help to you or you might interested in trying out Swagbucks, feel free to sign up using my referral code.


  1. This is amazing and I love the arbitrage of going from Bing Rewards to Swagbucks!

    I’ve heard so much about swagbucks but never really looked into them. Might do so now after this awesome intro into swagbucks hacking 😉

    1. Yeah, even if I was stop using Swagbucks I would still do the Bing Rewards transfer to their site instead. Might as well get the 50 free SB each time I’m cashing out the $5 Amazon Card. The redemption time is a bit slower on Swagbucks though.

      You should try it out and see if works for you. If you have an old Android phone laying around it makes things even easier.

  2. I’ve heard a lot about swagbucks, and it’s way smart of you to keep it as passive as possible while still earning! High fives!

    1. Yeah, I had heard about it from my friend and finally decided to sign up. But I wasn’t about to spend hours sitting there doing surveys so this works out perfectly. Make a little extra cash to get a $5 discount whenever I use Amazon.

  3. I’ve been looking around deciding if Swagbucks was worth the time invested, nice write up, still making the final decision.

    1. Hope it helped! I do not think the survey portion is worth the time (unless you use other websites which tell you the best surveys to do), but if you just use the apps to let the videos run and do the dailies which take 5 minutes I think it’s a good source of $10-$20 to spend on Amazon each month.

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