GoDaddy and Domains by Proxy

Recently both my domain and hosting package have come up for renewal, so I decided to some shopping around to see if I could manage to get a better deal than what I currently have. Last year it was hectic during that time period and I was about to leave for vacation, so I just renewed both of those services through GoDaddy. I decided to be proactive this year so that I would be able to compare price and services. I ended up settling on Hover for my domain registration after comparing services and cost across several other registration sites or just returning to GoDaddy. I did not expect that leaving GoDaddy would end up being such a huge headache though.

Hover actually has a great tutorial set up for transferring your domain from GoDaddy. It’s easy to follow and very thorough in making sure you don’t miss any steps. I have no complaints with the tutorial or the process of transferring the domain over to them. The difficult part in the process was when I went to remove the whois privacy from my account. When you are logged into GoDaddy and go to manage your domain, there’s an option to remove this. The problem is that when you click this, it pops up asking you for your Domains By Proxy login. I have never even heard of that, whether it was account number or any sort of login information.

I searched through all of my  e-mails and was unsuccessful in finding any information about them, and was wondering who they even were. Without turning the privacy off, I was unable to transfer my domain over to any other service. After some searching around the internet I found that it was a common problem with no real solution. People mentioned that they had to send in copies of identification to get their account back, or that the Domains By Proxy e-mail had been sitting in their spam folder this whole time. No such luck for me, but I was able to finally find a solution! I want to share that solution with you so that hopefully others don’t have to deal with the annoyance of GoDaddy and Domains By Proxy.

To find your account number under Domains By Proxy you can do the following:

  1. Login to your GoDaddy and start the process of registering a new domain
  2. Add their Whois privacy protection and then skip all the extra offers they throw at you
  3. Once you go forward through a few screens it will let you pick ‘new Domains By Proxy registration’, but there will be  drop down box.
  4. Click the drop down box and you will be able to select your existing account instead of a new registration!
  5. You can now use this account number and the same password you use on GoDaddy to login. If that does not work,  you at least have your account number to reset your password now.
This is where you would be able to select your existing Domains By Proxy Account instead of “Create New”

So if anyone else has GoDaddy and purchased whois privacy, remember that they outsource that function to Domains By Proxy. The first part is to make sure you received your e-mail from Domains By Proxy (I didn’t) when you signed up for your domain.  If you didn’t receive that e-mail, you should be able to use the trick I listed above to get your account name. I do highly recommend switching over to Hover when your domain registration comes up for renewal. The other company that came in second was NameSilo, but I ended going with Hover. They are owned by Tucows, which is the same company that runs Ting. I’m familiar with them and already know they offer exceptional customer service.

With GoDaddy, I was being charged $12.99 for a renewal plus the $8.99 for Whois privacy, so it was a total of $22 for the yearly renewal. I’m now being charged $10.99 my first year and then $14.99 every year after for a renewal which already includes Whois privacy. So I’ll save $11 this year and then $7 the following year, and I personally feel like I’m dealing with an easier to reach company now. GoDaddy seems to be about taking on a loss the first year, and hoping to suck you in for renewal. Now the rate I’m paying is clearly advertised and I feel that while it isn’t the cheapest rate, its competitive and offers what I need.

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  1. Are you still using godaddy for web hosting then?
    Right now I’m using a small orange (ASO) for domain registration and hosting. I’ve been happy with their service so far but my blog is also super tiny.

    1. Yeah, still using their hosting for now. Switching the domain over was a much easier process. I haven’t had any complaints with the hosting even though it might be a little pricier than other sites. My blog is tiny too, so shared hosting works just fine for now.

      I’ve heard good things about ASO.

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