GoDaddy Ends Email Support

A few weeks ago I was having some strange issues with my hosting, which is through GoDaddy (yes I know, probably a poor decision). I logged into my account to open a support ticket like I had done in the past for several issues, but I was stumped. I couldn’t find the GoDaddy email support anywhere inside of my dashboard. I remembered that I had previously used support tickets with GoDaddy, so I searched my inbox for one. Unfortunately for me that did not work either. The link to my old support ticket just redirected to my account dashboard which was no help. Some quick searching led me to find a few older news articles that stated GoDaddy email support was secretly removed.

There was never any official communication or announcement from GoDaddy that they ended this service. It was gone as if it had never even existed before with no trace left on their website. Based on the few news articles and blog posts that I could find on the topic, it seemed like GoDaddy considered their email support to be the weakest link. Email support failed when it came to solving problems.

They also stated that customers had the lowest satisfaction compared to using their phone and chat support. I find surprising but I guess there could be some truth to it. You also have to factor in that people may be more inclined to leave a review for a “live” person as opposed to an email response.

Many people may have problems communicating their issue over email. Then you wait all that time for what will likely be a wrong response back. It then takes an additional email to clarify your thoughts and even more time spent waiting for another reply back.  When you are speaking to someone in chat or on the phone, it allows the troubleshooting process to be fluid. You are able to bounce ideas and thoughts back and forth with the representative.

This is all well and good and if customers do really want live support. More power to GoDaddy to meet their needs instead of using a support ticketing system. The only problem with this system from my point of view is from the perspective of someone like me. I don’t want to wait on the phone to listen to someone who reads from a script, then get put on hold, and then wait to get transferred again. That’s a lot of waiting!

godaddy email support - chat support
The message I received in my dashboard just looking for live chat support

My experience with the live chat was not helpful at all. Most of the times when I logged into my account and tried to get live chat support I couldn’t even access the interface. The interface kept saying that all the agents were busy, as you can see in the above image. It would stay like this for hours on end, until one time when I logged in I was finally able to connect to the chat support. But my experience in there was terrible too, with the counter seemingly not being real. My time in line kept going down then back up and then repeated that process.

I think it took almost 30 minutes to finally get into the chat interface, and unfortunately for me it was time for bed at that point. I ended up just closing out of the chat room when it said my wait time was 1 or 2 minutes so that some other poor soul would hopefully be able to get some help. I knew that I wasn’t going to be staying up late enough to work through this problem, so didn’t want to waste anyone’s time. I did manage to solve my blog issue myself through more web searching later in the week, so there was a somewhat happy ending.

godaddy live chat support
I thought it was 12 minutes to go 4 minutes ago?

I feel that when I come home and there is an issue with my blog, I just want to be able to type up a quick email with the description of the problem and the steps I took to troubleshoot it. If there are critical errors that would require live support I will use that, but it would be nice to have the email option available. Then I can troubleshoot on my own time, send off the email, and wait for a response back once again on my own time. I already spend time fixing issues and “working”, I want to be able to do what I like do with my blog and that is the writing and interacting. This whole new support process with GoDaddy was extremely frustrating and proved to be a waste of my time.

So if there is anyone else that uses GoDaddy for hosting or even a domain and was looking to open a support ticket through GoDaddy email support, now you know that it is officially gone!

What kind of support do you prefer when contacting a company: phone, e-mail, or live chat? Or do you think it depends on the situation and the company?

photo credit: HockeyholicAZ via photopin cc

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