Early Retirement Tracker – October 2018

After seeing September’s net worth update, there isn’t too much progress to update you on when it comes to tracking early retirement. Numbers were essentially flat and they don’t look to be changing much this month either with the poor stock market performance. It could also be that I’m finally tracking in on my accurate retirement number at my current savings and net worth amount. If the decline starts to become steadier or stagnant across the months, then I’ll know that things are changing.

A reminder of the three ways I will tracking my progress:

  1. The first way will actually be with a simple excel calculator that I made. I’ll plug in my current monthly expenses, savings rate, and net worth. And the calculator will say just how long I have until retirement. Maybe it will say that I can retire tomorrow?
  2. The second way I’ll be calculating this is through an equation and the help of Wolfram Alpha.
  3. The third and final way I’ll be calculating my early retirement date is with the help of Mad Fientist Laboratory. I’ll input expenses, savings, and net worth and let his calculations do the rest of the work.

Retirement estimation based on 4% market growth:

Retirement estimation based on 7% market growth:

Results are essentially exactly the same, or slightly worse than last month. This is expected with the flat growth of my net worth, and the slight increase in expenses over the past few months. I’m fine with progress flattening out, as I knew that was going to happen eventually. I really want to see the 7% growth model get under 10 years, but that will take a more significant increase in net worth.

Retirement estimation if I never save another dollar:
This stayed exactly the same as September, and has been basically flat since August. Similar picture to the growth graphs. My average retirement age is still not even an early retirement, so looks like I’ll have to continue working and saving for now! I’m hoping that next month I’ll have a larger net worth increase to send the numbers back into the other direction.

Image Source: Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels

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