Early Retirement Tracker – November 2018

Here is my retirement estimate for November 2018, based off of October’s progress.

A reminder of the three ways I will tracking my progress:

  1. The first way will actually be with a simple excel calculator that I made. I’ll plug in my current monthly expenses, savings rate, and net worth. And the calculator will say just how long I have until retirement. Maybe it will say that I can retire tomorrow?
  2. The second way I’ll be calculating this is through an equation and the help of Wolfram Alpha.
  3. The third and final way I’ll be calculating my early retirement date is with the help of Mad Fientist Laboratory. I’ll input expenses, savings, and net worth and let his calculations do the rest of the work.

Retirement estimation based on 4% market growth:

Retirement estimation based on 7% market growth:

Big jump up this month, which is expected with the decrease in net worth. When both your own checking account and the market are working against you, there’s not going to be much of a positive change. The average is back above 12 years for the first time since March, so I’m hoping that starts to go back down for me.

Retirement estimation if I never save another dollar:

Huge jump up here, but that is also to be expected. This calculation is simply based off the current net worth and the gains of the market.

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