Nov 14

Early Retirement Tracker – September 2018

Time for my newest update when it comes to tracking my early retirement, and things are looking good after the August net worth update. I actually expected more positive news when doing this, but it looks like things ended up remaining relatively flat compared to the net worth trend. I’m thinking this is probably just because of the increase in spending over the past few months, and it will flatten out in the coming months. I will continue to just focus on what I can control, which is continuing to save and keeping my expenses down wherever possible.

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Nov 06

Net Worth Update – August 2018

I am working on the climb towards $150,000 by the end of the year, and this month solidified my progress towards that goal. I was able to post gains pretty much across the board, and that was with a lot of travel expenses! I think the peak of my spending has already occurred as well, so it probably comes down to more of what the market is doing on whether or not I am able to hit my goal.With my current savings rate, I’ll probably fall just short of that goal – so there will need to be some sort of boost from the market if I’m going to make it there.

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Oct 30

Early Retirement Tracker – August 2018

As opposed to last month when I went to do this analysis, I was super excited to see where things were going in August. I dropped my average expenses down in July, and my net worth was back on the way up and definitely trending in the right direction. The results from this report turned out to be true, with August estimates dropping across the board. Every single date is closer than it was last month and all previous months! Continue reading

Oct 23

Net Worth Update – July 2018

After a June net worth summary that was less than desirable, I was able to come back in July with some good news and a positive trend change. My net worth is now back into the positive in a huge way this month. I know there are going to be down months eventually, especially if the market decides it isn’t going to cooperate, but it’s always nice to instantly reverse a negative trend as well. The other good news is that spending was actually down in July as well, which is traditionally a higher spend month for me.

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Oct 16

Early Retirement Tracker – July 2018

This is probably one of the posts I was least looking forward to doing, as I knew that after the poor results from my June net worth summary there wouldn’t be much to look forward to there. While I’m not constantly checking my portfolio, there is something addicting about seeing the numbers going up every month.  I have to realize that things aren’t always going to look that way, especially as my portfolio gets larger and larger. My savings will have a much smaller affect on the total compared to where the market is taking me. This was probably an excellent lesson for that, and in the end the results really weren’t that bad.

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