Net Worth Update – April 2022

April was a rough month for the market, but a good month for all of my cash accounts. I was able to counteract the the market losses with my savings, and a timely transfer of funds into my HSA investment account. It does appear that things are continuing to trend in the wrong direction, so I’m not so sure about how my May results will end up being at this point.

April Liquid Net Worth:

A solid increase overall in the end, even with the market bringing me down.

April Total Net Worth:

Total net worth is up big this month, with my home’s estimated valuation continuing to rise. Houses in the surrounding neighborhood keep selling for higher and higher prices, so I feel very lucky to have bought my house at the price I did.

So let’s see how far my assets would take me at this point. I will calculate that using my average spending over the last 12 months. I’ll multiply that result by 12 months to get the total spending for the year, and then divide my liquid net worth by that amount. That’s how long I’d be able to live off my savings at that point in time.

$3258 average spending last 12 Months * 12 Months = $39,096 spending in a year

$326,964 net worth / $39,096 spending per year = 8.36 years’ worth of spending

Photo by Veronica Wu on Unsplash

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