Dewolf Point State Park Review

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these reviews, but I stayed at a cabin for a week and a half at Dewolf Point State Park in Wellesley Island, New York. It’s located in the Thousand Islands region of upstate New York, and it’s right on the St. Lawrence river. You’re only a few minutes from the Canadian border as well. I stayed at cabin 14 all the way at the end of the park which had phenomenal views of the river and a somewhat secluded feel even though you do have another cabin nearby. The park itself is small, with about 15 campsites, 15 cabins, and several boat docks. All the cabins have waterfront views, but only some have actual water access, and some cabins have better views than others.

The cabin I stayed in has both an unrestricted view and direct water access, I was able to go fishing right from the side of the cabin with no issues. While I would say that cabins 12-14 have some of the best views, cabins 1-2 also are in a great spot as well. I will definitely warn you though, do not reserve cabins 10-14 if you don’t feel like doing a lot of walking. The only way to access these cabins is by walking down a deck, with the most walking being for 14 down multiple sets of deck stairs. I felt that it was worth it, but remember that you also have to walk back to the middle of the campground for showering and the bathroom.

Looking at cabin 13, with the stairs down towards cabin 14 to the right

More pictures of the cabin at Dewolf Point State Park

The cabin itself was in good shape for a state park, and was as clean as you’d expect for a cabin in the woods. The cabin has a little “front porch” area with a picnic table inside, giving you a view of the water. Just up two steps is a kitchen area with a microwave and a refrigerator. To the left of that is the main cabin area which has two sets of bunk beds. There is no running water in these cabins, but the bathroom facilities at the campground are nice and clean and the showers are individual stalls which is nice.

When it comes to things to do in the region, there are plenty of activities – especially outdoor activities. There is great fishing, boat rentals, and kayak rentals. I’d recommend taking a boat tour to Heart Island to check out Boldt Castle. I did the two nation tour, which shows you a lot of mansions, tiny islands, and interesting facts on both the US and Canadian side, and enables you to stop off on Heart Island as part of the tour. I also checked out Singer Castle on another tour which was equally as interesting. If you have your passport, you can also check out the 1000 Islands Tower just across the border, which gives great 360 views of the entire region. There are several highly rated wineries in the area, as well as microbreweries if that’s your thing.

When it comes to nearby towns, I’d recommend checking out Thousand Island Park on Wellesley Island and walking down to their waterfront. There are also two restaurants in the middle of town and it’s a great place to rent bikes or kayaks. There is also the town of Clayton which has a nice little downtown with a bunch of restaurants, shops, and a waterfront park. They are also home to the antique boat museum which I felt was worth a visit.

Overall, I highly recommend Dewolf Point State Park. It’s a compact state park, but everything was clean and in good shape, and the views from the cabin were amazing every day. If you like the outdoors, and especially if you have a boat, there will no shortage of things to do in this area.

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