September 2016 Budget Review

Introduction PictureSorry that this post is coming out a little later that normal, September was a bit of a crazy month for me. I’m still trying to adjust after the move out, and things are really hectic when it comes to organizing everything and trying to settle down. I had planned on expenses being higher than usual this past month, but I also had some unexpected expenses creep up on me. I think we all know that those are never fun! I’m still adjusting the budget as patterns change, right now I’m kind of creating a “maximum expenses” budget for safety purposes. I will continue to fine tune those numbers as time progresses and things level out more.

My completed budget for September 2016:

September 2016 Budget Spreadsheet

September was the first month that I paid rent and utilities, and my prediction has been spot on so far. I was able to save on groceries and household items this month after the initial spike with having to stock up after moving out. I’m not sure that every month will be this low, so I’m going to keep my estimated budget around $400 for now.

My Car insurance, car loan, and cell phone payments were all normal this month. I did not have any costs associated with car maintenance, so there was some good news for that part of the budget. I continue to pay a lot less for gas and I’m hoping it stays that low! Mass transit costs were also much lower this month with less moving around. I’m thinking that will be another category that is not always this low though.

I went out to eat for lunch once, and then I also went out to eat with some friends before a hockey game. My entertainment expenses including attending a hockey game and going to a huge beer fest, which was a lot of fun. The tickets to the hockey game were free, so I only had to pay for parking. I got to sample a ton of beers from craft breweries all over the country, so I think I got my money’s worth from that as well.

Unfortunately I did not have a good month when it came to unexpected expenses. You can see that from my extra spending I was forced to spend a lot more than I wanted to. The mattress that I was using was pulled from storage, and it seemed to have this musty smell that would not go away. I found that mold was growing on it and immediately stripped all the bedding and put it in the wash. I repeatedly sprayed the mattress with bleach, but only had temporary luck. I also placed the mattress in direct sunlight as much as possible, and didn’t sleep on it for about a week. I used the air conditioning as a dehumidifier in hopes that I would be able to kill the mold.

It finally seemed like I had eliminated all the mold, but then the smell came back. It’s not a good idea to play around with mold, so I had to make the plunge on a new mattress. After quite a bit of research I finally settled on a mattress that I’m hoping will last me quite a few years. It was a necessary expense, and the old mattress was sagging quite a bit anyways – it just sucks that I had pile it on right after last month.

I also ran into another unexpected expense in the form of an injury (not serious), but that wasn’t cheap. I had to go to urgent care, and the continued visits to the specialist will be double my normal copay at $40. I expect those expenses to continue into November, especially if I end up needing physical therapy. September was a rough month for me, I’m hoping that things will be better this month. I did manage to squeak out a positive budget!

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