September 2016 Budget Review

Introduction PictureSorry that this post is coming out a little later that normal, September was a bit of a crazy month for me. I’m still trying to adjust after the move out, and things are really hectic when it comes to organizing everything and trying to settle down. I had planned on expenses being higher than usual this past month, but I also had some unexpected expenses creep up on me. I think we all know that those are never fun! I’m still adjusting the budget as patterns change, right now I’m kind of creating a “maximum expenses” budget for safety purposes. I will continue to fine tune those numbers as time progresses and things level out more.

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IRS To Use Private Debt Collectors

13368793433_27bdd41d71Does it seem like new IRS scams are coming out faster than they stop them? Every year it seems we go through the same pattern around tax season of telemarketers trying to scam people while posing as the IRS. To make things even more ridiculous, the IRS is going to employ several private debt collectors next year. Already sound like a bad idea? It seems like they are opening a huge door for scammers to say that they are an authorized collection agency. In my opinion this does not add up at all, and seems like it introduce more headaches than the benefits of any additional revenue that may be recovered. There’s also the fact that these firms will need to paid, so wouldn’t it be more cost-effective to hire more employees at the IRS for this purpose?

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Make Your Bank Work For You

With all the recent news about Wells Fargo opening fraudulent accounts in customer’s names that did not even request it, I figured that this would be a timely post. Over 5000 employees were accused in this case, and several whistle blowers have said they were fired when trying to report the practice. It’s important to choose the bank that is right for your situation, one that will make you money – not take your money. It seems there was a systematic failure at Wells Fargo to prevent these issues from happening, and we want to prevent this from happening to ourselves. I’m going to be sharing some advice on how to choose the bank that is right for you while trying to avoid that same situation.

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Net Worth Update – September 2016

In July and August I made huge increases towards my net worth, but I did have a feeling that it couldn’t last forever. The month of September has proven that, as I’ve been hit with a double dose of market trends and increased spending. I can’t control the market, so I’ll have to ride that out for the time being. Expenses were high from moving out, so I’m hoping to reign the spending in the coming months. I know that this is a marathon and not a sprint. I’ll keep contributing as much to my savings as possible, without worrying about the things beyond my control.

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August 2016 Budget Review

For the majority of people, unofficial Summer is now coming to a close. I’m hoping that the warm weather can hold on well into September, but you can tell that everyone is now back to school. Traffic is now back to its normal congestion and everything is a little more crowded. I’ve also got big news with the fact that I’m finally moving out! Right now I’m still kind of going back and forth between two places because of work, but hoping to fully figure out that situation as soon as possible. I’d love to give more details but I won’t do that for anonymity reasons for now. Once everything is resolved and set up, I’ll be sure to share all the details with all of you.

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