Nov 25

Net Worth Update – November 2016

_lulijc1cdo-kalen-emsleyHappy Thanksgiving everyone! I scheduled this post for the day after Thanksgiving, so I hope you’re not spending all of your money chasing down Black Friday deals. Though I’d guess if you are reading this blog in the first place, you’re probably not. I actually do plan on checking out some deals as we still need a TV in the apartment along with a few other things. Major spending has died down and I think I’m happy with how the budget is settling (finally). I was a bit nervous but I really do think things are going to work out for me financially.

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Nov 16

October 2016 Budget Review

30864578502_93296acf41Following up the post on my October net worth update, I’m now bringing you the numbers that got me to that net worth increase – at least for the first half of the month. The previous two months have been some kind of budgeting blues for me. Having to move out and make some major (unexpected) expenses has been rough on the financials. I’m hoping that I can stay focused and make the rest of the year a much more positive experience when it comes to my personal finances.

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Nov 08

Net Worth Update – October 2016

Post Introduction PictureThis post is coming to you a little later than normal (again – sorry!), October was an extremely busy month for me. I had actually prepared all the numbers and had a post outline all done and ready to publish, but I just didn’t get around to publishing it. I’m really trying to push towards the end of the year and hoping that I will be able to hit an $80,000 net worth, so we will see how that goes. I’m going to try stepping up my savings and letting the market give me a needed boost. I hope that everyone had a very spooky Halloween, but no tricks when it comes to personal finances.

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Oct 18

September 2016 Budget Review

Introduction PictureSorry that this post is coming out a little later that normal, September was a bit of a crazy month for me. I’m still trying to adjust after the move out, and things are really hectic when it comes to organizing everything and trying to settle down. I had planned on expenses being higher than usual this past month, but I also had some unexpected expenses creep up on me. I think we all know that those are never fun! I’m still adjusting the budget as patterns change, right now I’m kind of creating a “maximum expenses” budget for safety purposes. I will continue to fine tune those numbers as time progresses and things level out more.

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Oct 10

IRS To Use Private Debt Collectors

13368793433_27bdd41d71Does it seem like new IRS scams are coming out faster than they stop them? Every year it seems we go through the same pattern around tax season of telemarketers trying to scam people while posing as the IRS. To make things even more ridiculous, the IRS is going to employ several private debt collectors next year. Already sound like a bad idea? It seems like they are opening a huge door for scammers to say that they are an authorized collection agency. In my opinion this does not add up at all, and seems like it introduce more headaches than the benefits of any additional revenue that may be recovered. There’s also the fact that these firms will need to paid, so wouldn’t it be more cost-effective to hire more employees at the IRS for this purpose?

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