Feb 05

Net Worth Update – January 2017

I have to continue to apologize for the lack of frequent updates, but I am still here and trying to chug along. Even though I may not be publicly showing it, I am keeping track of my finances and trying to stay on top of my goals. For now the goal is to save as much as possible within the constraints of my budget, but also making sure that I’m still able to enjoy myself. I think that I’m finding a nice balance between the two and the increases in my net worth are really showing that. It doesn’t hurt that the market has been trending up, though the past week has halted that progress.

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Jan 07

December 2016 Budget Review

Happy New Year everyone! This is a scheduled post as I will be on vacation when it’s published, so the last few days of the month are estimated but the rest should be 100% accurate. I put together the numbers before I left and the only extra spending would probably be for dining out which I accounted for in the estimation. I also switched jobs during the month, so I had lower than expected income bundled together with increased spending. I hope that everyone else didn’t have such a hectic December as me. Taking a vacation was absolutely something that I needed, and I was able to negotiate that into my start date since it had already been planned for a while now.

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Dec 23

Net Worth Update – December 2016

There’s a lot of changes going on in my life right now, both personal and financially so I apologize for the delay between posts recently. It’s both a mix of good and bad news so at least there is some balance in there. I have a new job and plan on writing more about that next month, so things are temporarily a little crazy with my finances. There’s also the fact that it’s December and I know that I’ve spending a lot of money on the holidays, clothes, and a vacation at the end of the month. Most of that won’t be reflected in the net worth update since it’s a snapshot from the 15th of December, but I am throwing that information out there.

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Dec 17

Meal Prep Sunday: Episode 1

So I’ve decided to try my hand at meal preparation in order to easily hit my calorie goal, save money on lunch, and to be able to not have to make any lunches during the week! I’ve got to say that it was a little bit of work and I wasn’t very efficient with the cooking for the first time, but I think that it came out pretty well in the end. I had 5 meals (plus extra) for the entire week and I didn’t have to worry about lunch each day during the week. I plan on making this somewhat of a weekly series, depending on if I’m trying out a new recipe or not. Hopefully this will help you if you were looking to try out something similar!

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Dec 11

November 2016 Budget Review

31350605772_63a04932f1November was a bit of a strange month for me when it came to spending. I attended a lot of events, but there wasn’t much spending elsewhere. I was able to reign in the rest of the budget categories so that I could spend more money on having some fun. The holidays are approaching, so it does mean some increased spending. But I’m confident that I will be able to control that and keep within my budget. I think I’ll also be adjusting some categories going forward, but for now I’ll keep the budget as is. Anything extra can just go into the extra spending category – that’s what it’s there for anyways!

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