October 2016 Budget Review

30864578502_93296acf41Following up the post on my October net worth update, I’m now bringing you the numbers that got me to that net worth increase – at least for the first half of the month. The previous two months have been some kind of budgeting blues for me. Having to move out and make some major (unexpected) expenses has been rough on the financials. I’m hoping that I can stay focused and make the rest of the year a much more positive experience when it comes to my personal finances.

Here is my budget summary for October:


So, I’ve got to say I was little nervous when putting this budget together, especially after how spending went in August and September. I was adding up all the transactions on my credit cards and having a bit of a panic attack, but seems like those fears were unfounded at this point. There was a huge volume of transactions, but the spending wasn’t anything outrageous like it had been in the previous two months. And that’s to be expected, moving out is NOT a cheap thing to do.

Rent remains the same and will for the next year, and household expenses were way down this month. I’m thinking that is going to rebound next month as I was lazy with getting groceries and really am in need of stocking up. I also had the benefit of staying at home one weekend, so I didn’t really have to worry about feeding myself for a little while! There was also Halloween parties and going out to eat, so that may have cancelled out another trip to the grocery store.

My car loan, car insurance, cell phone, and gym spending all remained at the same level. I’m still spending minimally on gas, only $25 this month once again. It’s really nice to only have to fill my gas tank about twice a month. Even if gas prices increase, this budget item should not be making a big impact. I did spend more on mass transit this month, but that’s what happens when you are travelling and visiting people more often – no big deal there!

Dining out and entertainment budgets went well here, I went out for drinks a few times and I went to an amusement park with my girlfriend. Even though I went out quite a few times, I never spent a lot of money – just a few dollars here and there. It is possible to have an active social life without breaking the bank! I had some extra spending, but that is because both of my parent’s birthdays are in this month and I contributed some money for a Halloween party that I was attending. Overall, I feel like October was a solid month for me financially. It came as a pleasant surprise to me, and it’s nice to be recovering from the previous months to save a little extra money.

I also continue to spend extra money on healthcare, but there’s really nothing I can do about that. I have to continue going to physical therapy and hoping that I’ll be able to make a full recovery. In my mind this is all money well spent, and I’m not going to get myself down over that.

How was everyone else’s October spending? Did you have a good Halloween?

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