November 2016 Budget Review

31350605772_63a04932f1November was a bit of a strange month for me when it came to spending. I attended a lot of events, but there wasn’t much spending elsewhere. I was able to reign in the rest of the budget categories so that I could spend more money on having some fun. The holidays are approaching, so it does mean some increased spending. But I’m confident that I will be able to control that and keep within my budget. I think I’ll also be adjusting some categories going forward, but for now I’ll keep the budget as is. Anything extra can just go into the extra spending category – that’s what it’s there for anyways!

Here is what my budget looks like for November:


My rent will probably only be $1400 going forward, our estimate with utilities was too conservative and I was putting too much into it. For now I left the budgeted amount as is, but I’ll probably change that going forward for December.

Food spending was low again this month, and household products haven’t really needed much restocking since they were bought in bulk. A lot of things will need to be purchased in the near future though, so I expect that spending to rise next month. But for now I’m able to have some pretty large savings in that category.

Most of my entertainment spending this month came in the form of attending concerts. This also leads to increased transportation costs whether it’s having to take the train or spend more on gas. It’s not a cheap thing to do, but music is something I really enjoy – especially live music. So for me it’s worth it to be able to spend money on something I like. Fall really is concert season! That’s pretty much where most of my entertainment spending comes from in November.

I’ve also continued to have healthcare expenses at the doctor and physical therapy. I’m hoping that I’ll at least be able to wrap the physical therapy part up in December. I also had to order more contacts, which comes out to around $200. It was bad timing, but they had to be purchased!

Even with all the extra spending in entertainment, transit, and healthcare I was still able to come out ahead in November thanks to big savings in some other categories. I was a little worried towards the end of the month, but things seemed to work out just fine. I was still able to save almost $400 for this month. I hope that with the holidays coming up that December can be just as good.

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