Aug 06

Liebster Award Nomination

Hey, it seems that someone other than myself does read my blog after all! Just kidding, but I am once again extremely happy to report that I was nominated for a Liebster Award which makes me extremely happy and grateful. The nomination comes from a newer blog that I had actually been following for a while from a girl known as ‘B’ on her blog Banishing Loans. I was drawn to her blog because of her writing style being interesting and easy to read as well as her being someone that likes to run the numbers on her student loans just like me, even if I probably do that far too often. It’s cool to know that another one of the blogs that I read regularly is also reading my blog from time to time. Continue reading

Jul 14

Liebster Award Nomination

A few days ago I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Downstairs in Debt a debt blogger around the same age as me who lives in Canada with her boyfriend while trying to pay off all her debt. She was recently able to pay off student loan completely a few months ago, and is now trying to tackle paying off a credit card and a line of credit from college. She’s also a hockey fan, which is also my favorite sport! If you’ve never checked out her blog I would highly recommend going over and taking a look and even subscribing if you like her posts. Continue reading

May 26

Happy Memorial Day!

To all my readers from the United States, would just like to say Happy Memorial Day! I hope that everyone is having a fun and safe weekend so far. I’ve been at barbecue’s on both Saturday and Sunday so I’m just relaxing today but wanted to send this quick post out. And let’s not forget what it’s all about as we honor the men and women who have died in military service. So take a quick moment to remember them while you are enjoying the (hopefully) nice weather and a hot dog or hamburger!

photo credit: Tony Fischer Photography via photopin cc

Apr 07

The Liebster Award – Part 2

This is a follow-up to my original post about the Liebster Award, once again thanks to Ryan @ Impersonal Finance who was so kind to nominate me for the award. In the first post I answered some questions that were given to me and other nominees that Ryan picked, and now I’m going to post the blogs that I am nominating as well as some questions that they may be able to answer in the same way that I did. It’s a fun little way to recognize some of the blogs you read and I think it promotes good interaction, plus it’s always a nice thing to be nominated for an award. You might even find a new blog that you will be able to subscribe to from now on! Continue reading

Mar 27

The Liebster Award

It turns out that early last week I was nominated for Liebster Award, from a blogger that I’ve been reading pretty often the past few months. I was very excited and flattered to read that Ryan @ Impersonal Finance had nominated me for the award. It was nice surprise to come back to after a week of vacation and dealing with hosting problems that prevented me from putting out some posts before I left for vacation! If you have never checked out his blog, you definitely should as he always writes great posts and has a good sense of humor. Continue reading