May 18

Taleo Is Terrible

I’m going to go slightly off topic today for this post, but there is still some relevance here as your job is obviously an important part of personal finance. Your income is basically what you build you entire budget around! Now I may not be actively searching for jobs, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to take a look at the market and see what exactly is out there. If there is something that really piques my interest I do try and apply because I think it’s important to stay fresh on your interviewing skills and you never know what exactly might come from it. But there is one thing that usually makes me pause before applying or sometimes may persuade me not to apply at all: Taleo. As soon as I see that an employer is using Taleo software I know that I’m most likely in for a frustrating and repetitive experience.

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Apr 01

Fund Recommendation

I don’t normally write posts like this, as I am no investment expert myself. I stick all my extra money into low cost index funds and let them do all the work. But I think I’ve finally found an excellent investment opportunity that I can’t pass up, and I wanted to share it with all of you. We will all definitely be rich in no time. So start scraping up that extra change and put all of your money into this fund:

Have a good April 1st!

photo credit: Aprils Fools Day via photopin (license)

Jan 20

Free Community College

Most people know that the student loan burden in the United States is currently at an all time high as the total outstanding debt slowly approaches $1.3 trillion, but most people are not sure of how exactly do we fix this problem. With all of this being outstanding debt, I’m not too sure that total student loan forgiveness is the greatest idea at this point. President Obama has offered a partial fix to this problem on a going forward basis, creating a plan that would offer “free” community college to certain students. I do think that this is a step in the right direction, but what exactly does this plan mean and how much will it actually cost? We know there isn’t actually such a thing as free when it comes to programs like this.

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Sep 09

Navient Contract Extended

Back in May, I wrote about Sallie Mae receiving a penalty for overcharging military service members that were supposed to have capped interest rates and additional benefits for their student loans. Sallie Mae ignored these in many cases and then they were finally hit with a penalty. During that time, Sallie Mae was also in the process of splitting into two companies: Sallie Mae and Navient. The new company that was being spun out of the old was Navient, and this is essentially the “old” Sallie Mae focusing on servicing loans and trying to secure new contracts with the Department of Education.  The “new” Sallie Mae was going to change its focus to be a financial service company, with their primary target being college students and their families. They would also still work on providing private student loans but would function more as a traditional consumer bank.

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Aug 21

I Made A Stupid Mistake With My Credit Card

When I left for vacation I thought I had set up and scheduled everything for my student loans, car insurance, and credit cards to be paid with no issues. Apparently I had not fully set up all of my accounts or missed clicking confirm on the final screen, and one of my credit card payments ended up being missed. This is something I never thought I would have to deal with as I try to be as diligent as possible when it comes to making payments and keeping track of my money. My payment was due on the Saturday that I came back from vacation, but I did not get to pay it until the Monday after which was already too late. Continue reading