Nov 25

Student Loan Progress – November 2013

student loan progressAnother month and another round of loan payments as we move towards the end of 2013 as I slowly “race” towards my goal of zero. My progress has been steady and I hope to continue that progress next month and into the new year. The holiday’s are coming up so I know that I will have a bit of a spending increase, but I plan on keeping my loans as my #1 priority and structuring my spending money around the loan payments. I know if I have to I can always tap into my emergency fund and then lower my spending the next month to compensate if needed. Continue reading

Nov 12

Tuition Increases By 2.9% In 2013

Tuition Increases By 2.9% In 2013It looks like students who have chosen to go to public schools may finally be getting a “break” this year when it comes to their tuition. Unfortunately it looks like that break is just a smaller increase in tuition compared to prior years, so you would actually have to question whether this is actually a break at all. State colleges are looking at an average tuition increase of around 2.9% in 2013, which is in fact the lowest increase in almost 30 years. The year before state colleges saw a tuition increase of around 4.5% and in prior years the increase had been as much as 7-8% a year! If we factor in inflation of about 2 percent, the increase is only a “real” increase of 0.9% above the cost of living increase. So while this isn’t that great of news, at least it is a trend in the right direction. The complete right direction would be seeing a slight drop in tuition levels or at least a freeze at their current levels. Continue reading

Nov 01

5 Ways to Cut College Costs to Avoid Massive Student Loan Debts

The following is a guest post by Trey Conway of

The cost of college tuition is rising, as it the average amount of student debt. Some students can end up with close to $100,000 in student loans or more, which can cripple their financial future just as they are starting their lives.

The situation is not hopeless. There are many things that college students can do to help bring down the cost of attending college and avoid taking out huge student loans. Continue reading

Oct 23

Student Loan Progress – October 2013

student loan storyMy student loan story continues with another month of repayment as we head towards the end of October. This month will not be as exciting and there won’t be as much paid back as last month, but that’s not to say that I didn’t make any progress. I’ve pretty much stuck to my budget so I was able to put a great amount towards my loans. I guess you can just say I’m back with you regularly scheduled programming as opposed to more breaking news. Continue reading

Sep 26

Student Loan Progress – September 2013

Summer has finally come to an end, and so too comes to an end another round of student loan payments. The first part I would rather continue while the student loan payments can end anytime they’d like! Unfortunately for me, I still have a ways to go on the student loan part but I’m making progress. This month I finally decided to do what I had been contemplating for a while and discussed in several other posts. I took a portion of my money out of my huge emergency fund and put it straight towards one of my highest interest loans; the 1st private loan that I had been aggressively paying down the past few months. It felt pretty good to see such a huge amount get knocked off my student loans, and most people would still probably say that my emergency fund is still too large for my current situation. Just how much was I able to pay off this month? Continue reading just below to find out!
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