Jul 14

Save Money On Car Insurance – Defensive Driving Course

One of the most frustrating monthly expenses for me is car insurance. It’s a necessary expenses, but it never seems to make sense to me. I was constantly told that my rates would drop as I got older, especially as my car aged. This never seemed to be quite so true, and I never really saw the savings. Not to mention my insurance company is highly rated when it comes to actually making a claim and even personal references from everyone I know – nobody ever has a negative thing to say about them. It has led to be to afraid of switching to a huge company like Geico where you read a lot of negative stories about the claims process. I have reached out and gotten quotes from other highly rated insurers, but many times the rate was not that much different or was actually more expensive. You can always adjust your coverage to save some money, but in many cases that’s not worth it either.

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Jun 09

5 Things to do When Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car is always a gamble, as you can never with 100% certainty know how the car was treated beforehand. It would be nice if it could be like those car commercials where the “second owner” of the car follows around the first owner to make sure they are treating the car well, but unfortunately that’s not possible in reality. But there are ways to increase the chance that you are buying a reliable vehicle that will last you years without any major issues. I’m hoping that these 5 tips can help you in doing just that.

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May 21

Buying a Used Car: Dealer or Private Party?

When buying a used car you have three main options for purchasing that vehicle. You can go to franchised dealership, a private dealership, or you can buy directly from the previous owner. No matter which option you do choose though, you want to be diligent in your research. Don’t take everything the other person is telling you at face value and 100% truth as they are trying to make a deal just like you are. You always want to retrieve a vehicle history report of whatever car you are buying and have the car thoroughly inspected by at trusted mechanic. Each option has their own benefits and drawbacks and I’m hoping to help narrow these options down during your search.

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Apr 07

Republic Wireless Review

If you are searching for ways to save money on your monthly budget, one of the easiest expenses to target is your cell phone bill. Most people end up paying for way more service than they are actually using. If you think about it, even 15 years ago most people didn’t even have a monthly cell phone payment. Now with some family plans the cost of a cell phone bill can be 2x the amount someone is paying for cable and internet! I already highlighted some of the success that my girlfriend had in switching from AT&T to Ting going from a $60-70 monthly bill, down to a $20-$30 monthly bill. Now I’m going to also share with you another way to save money on your cell phone bill through my Republic Wireless review.

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Jan 13

Revisiting Gas Credit Cards

I wrote a post a while back on the effectiveness of gas credit cards and wanted to revisit that topic. Gas prices plummeting in recent months and when you get a percent cash back, the actual dollars become less and less as the price goes down. When I initially wrote that post it was with the expectation of gasoline continuing to raise. This made cash back credit cards even more effective compared to paying with cash. With gas prices now heading in the opposite direction, things have flipped and cash may be king once again. But what exactly is the price point where this happens? I hope to analyze that and provide the answer for you in this blog post!

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