Jun 30

Moving Up From A Negative Net Worth

One of the things that I struggled with initially when starting my student loan repayment was the sheer amount of debt I was really in. I had about $8,000 in the bank and over $80,000 in debt. That’s a $72,000 gap between the two, and that was probably what my net worth was at the time! Not everyone has the opportunity to start from zero, and that’s okay. It might take us a little longer, but with some dedication and budgeting you may even surpass your peers. I had provided a net worth update before when I finally broke out of the negative side of the equation, and I wanted to revisit that subject now.

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Jun 16

Santander extra20 Checking Review

If you are looking to make some money on interest in a checking or savings account these days, the pickings are slim. Interest rates are still extremely low and you will be lucky to earn 1% on most accounts which will just be eaten up by inflation. Obviously this is better than earning a 0% interest rate, but it’s still not ideal. That’s where Santander extra20 Checking comes into play, where you can earn $20 a month just by having direct deposit and paying two bills each month. If you don’t feel like setting up the bill pay, you can simply earn $10 a month from the direct deposit option. I’ve been using this account for six months now, so I wanted to give you my Santander extra20 Checking Review.

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Jun 09

5 Things to do When Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car is always a gamble, as you can never with 100% certainty know how the car was treated beforehand. It would be nice if it could be like those car commercials where the “second owner” of the car follows around the first owner to make sure they are treating the car well, but unfortunately that’s not possible in reality. But there are ways to increase the chance that you are buying a reliable vehicle that will last you years without any major issues. I’m hoping that these 5 tips can help you in doing just that.

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May 21

Buying a Used Car: Dealer or Private Party?

When buying a used car you have three main options for purchasing that vehicle. You can go to franchised dealership, a private dealership, or you can buy directly from the previous owner. No matter which option you do choose though, you want to be diligent in your research. Don’t take everything the other person is telling you at face value and 100% truth as they are trying to make a deal just like you are. You always want to retrieve a vehicle history report of whatever car you are buying and have the car thoroughly inspected by at trusted mechanic. Each option has their own benefits and drawbacks and I’m hoping to help narrow these options down during your search.

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Apr 28

EarnHoney Review

I have talked about a few ways to passively earn some extra money with both Bing and Swagbucks, and now I want to introduce you to another website that enables you to make a few extra dollars. This new website is called Earn Honey which is an advertising website that shares some of their profits with you, as your membership and viewing of the advertisements is how they make money.  I will not suggest sites that have you doing surveys that might not even credit you at the end, and you’ll end up making less than minimum wage. Your time is more valuable than that, as you could be finding actual work to do instead of that. This website is another income stream that requires very little effort and time from your end. Earn Honey is definitely a good “set it and forget” it way to earn a few extra dollars whenever your computer is on.

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