Oct 03

Keeping an emergency fund

An emergency fund is something that I have been debating over for a while now, and it’s not whether I should keep one or not keep one. I have always been in favor of having an emergency fund, even if I didn’t know that is what I was truly doing. Really I just thought of it as a buffer if I had any car problems, though that’s all an emergency fund basically is, a buffer in case an unexpected expense comes up. The part I had recently been debating over what the size of my emergency fund should be.
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Sep 17

Payday Spending

It’s Friday and you finally got paid! Time to take that paycheck to the bank and get it cashed and treat yourself. Actually that’s probably not what you are doing in today’s world. Most likely that paycheck it is getting direct deposited into your checking account and you are seeing your account balance using your mobile bank application. You don’t even have to wait until Friday either, as you know the funds will actually be deposited at 12:01 AM, right after midnight. And then you’ll use either your credit or debit card to treat yourself to a nice dinner and some drinks. Sounds like a nice night out, doesn’t it? You aren’t going to have that money after paying all your bills for the month so you might as well spend it now!
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