Nov 25

Net Worth Update – November 2016

_lulijc1cdo-kalen-emsleyHappy Thanksgiving everyone! I scheduled this post for the day after Thanksgiving, so I hope you’re not spending all of your money chasing down Black Friday deals. Though I’d guess if you are reading this blog in the first place, you’re probably not. I actually do plan on checking out some deals as we still need a TV in the apartment along with a few other things. Major spending has died down and I think I’m happy with how the budget is settling (finally). I was a bit nervous but I really do think things are going to work out for me financially.

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Nov 08

Net Worth Update – October 2016

Post Introduction PictureThis post is coming to you a little later than normal (again – sorry!), October was an extremely busy month for me. I had actually prepared all the numbers and had a post outline all done and ready to publish, but I just didn’t get around to publishing it. I’m really trying to push towards the end of the year and hoping that I will be able to hit an $80,000 net worth, so we will see how that goes. I’m going to try stepping up my savings and letting the market give me a needed boost. I hope that everyone had a very spooky Halloween, but no tricks when it comes to personal finances.

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Sep 15

Net Worth Update – September 2016

In July and August I made huge increases towards my net worth, but I did have a feeling that it couldn’t last forever. The month of September has proven that, as I’ve been hit with a double dose of market trends and increased spending. I can’t control the market, so I’ll have to ride that out for the time being. Expenses were high from moving out, so I’m hoping to reign the spending in the coming months. I know that this is a marathon and not a sprint. I’ll keep contributing as much to my savings as possible, without worrying about the things beyond my control.

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Aug 18

Net Worth Update – August 2016

It feels like Summer just started a little while ago, but we are already halfway through August now. With it being my favorite season, I’m not too thrilled with how fast time seems be moving! The heat has been brutal here on the East Coast though so I am looking for a break from that. It seems that the Summer heat has also translated into a bull market with the S&P 500 making some big gains compared to the beginning of the month. There was the Brexit vote at the end of June, which may have put a damper on July earnings but the market has since come roaring back. My portfolio is still fairly tiny to truly be affected by the market but it will be interesting to track my IRA the rest of the year now that I’ve finished making contributions.

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Jul 27

Net Worth Update – July 2016

We’re now smack in the middle of Summer, and it’s time for my second net worth update. The temperature is really heating up here, but what about my savings? This has been a month of higher spending for me so far, and I will break that down further in my budget review later in the month. Despite the higher spending, I was able to make solid gains when it comes to increasing my net worth. I honestly haven’t been paying close attention to my net worth previously, so it will be interesting to see what exactly a “baseline” update looks for me. This is the first month for me to be tracking the actual changes so let’s see how it looks!

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