Apr 22

Net Worth Update – April 2017

Time for the monthly net worth update, I always look forward to crunching the numbers and then writing this post! Especially since I’ve been posting monthly gains with my past few updates. Hope that everyone has done their taxes before the deadline, and is breaking even or close to it. You don’t want Uncle Sam to have taken a huge interest free loan from you, but you also don’t want to be paying a ton of money back. I got a decent sized tax refund back, and not sure if there’s really anything I could do to change that. I’m comfortable with the amounts though.

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Apr 01

Net Worth Update – March 2017

Happy April Fools Day everyone, hope everyone didn’t get pranked too hard. I’ve actually put out April Fool’s posts in the past before, but for today I decided to just keep it normal and go against the grain. This is my monthly net worth update, where you can see the progress that I’m making towards my goal of financial independence compared to the previous month. I continue to chug along, though I had some additional expenses last month related to moving. These were hopefully one time costs for the time being, so while I am expecting March to not turn out so great I believe that April will be another solid month in 2017 for me.

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Mar 05

Net Worth Update – February 2017

Welcome back to another net worth update, I hope that everyone else is taking advantage of the increases in the stock market with their investments. The S&P 500 has only gone up this month, and that’s reflected across all of my investment accounts. I’m really busy with personal life, but I am still 100% dedicated towards achieving my financial goals and I’m not going to stop tracking towards those goals. I haven’t found the motivation to write as often, but I absolutely look forward to sharing these net worth updates with you and seeing the progress that I’ve made. I also love checking out how everyone else is doing and reading all the other personal finance blogs.

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Feb 05

Net Worth Update – January 2017

I have to continue to apologize for the lack of frequent updates, but I am still here and trying to chug along. Even though I may not be publicly showing it, I am keeping track of my finances and trying to stay on top of my goals. For now the goal is to save as much as possible within the constraints of my budget, but also making sure that I’m still able to enjoy myself. I think that I’m finding a nice balance between the two and the increases in my net worth are really showing that. It doesn’t hurt that the market has been trending up, though the past week has halted that progress.

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Dec 23

Net Worth Update – December 2016

There’s a lot of changes going on in my life right now, both personal and financially so I apologize for the delay between posts recently. It’s both a mix of good and bad news so at least there is some balance in there. I have a new job and plan on writing more about that next month, so things are temporarily a little crazy with my finances. There’s also the fact that it’s December and I know that I’ve spending a lot of money on the holidays, clothes, and a vacation at the end of the month. Most of that won’t be reflected in the net worth update since it’s a snapshot from the 15th of December, but I am throwing that information out there.

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