Apr 19

Early Retirement Tracker – April 2018

There’s not too much to report once again this month, with my net worth remaining flat. Probably the only variable that has really changed is the fact that I’ve increased my savings rate by bumping up my 401k contribution rate by another percent. I still feel like money has been accumulating in my checking account, and I’d rather be putting that excess into the market where it will hopefully be earning money.  When money is just sitting in my checking account I know it won’t be doing anything!

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Apr 13

Net Worth Update – March 2018

Time for my monthly update on my net worth. I’m hoping for warmer weather to start to arrive after what feels like a long winter, even if it may have not been bitter cold. I’m ready to get outside and start doing things! I’m sure everyone in the personal finance blogosphere has been paying attention closely to this “trade war” and the resulting effects that it is having on the market. I’m just hoping that these tariffs don’t have too many unforeseen consequences that send us into a recession, and hoping that reasonable heads can prevail.

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Mar 21

Net Worth Update – February 2018

It’s time for another net worth update, the February edition. After a brief warm up, it seems we’ve been in for an endless winter here in the Northeast, with nothing really changing and snowstorm after snowstorm. Possibly a good comparison to the current market situation as well? This month will be a first for me, but you’ll have to continue to read below to see exactly what that first was.

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Mar 01

Early Retirement Tracker – February 2018

I’m continuing the trend to track my progress into early retirement, even if I am a little late with this post this month! The numbers were all calculated ahead of time, I just had to find time to write the actual post. Net worth growth was slow in January so I felt like that would slow progress when it came to early retirement, but it seems like I’m still moving in the correct direction even with the mostly flat progress. Spending has been trending down lately, but I expect that to rise like I had mentioned in a previous post. I do love putting a date to everything, as that gives me a tangible goal to work towards – even if it just an estimation at this point.

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Feb 13

Net Worth Update – January 2018

First month of 2018, and it wasn’t the greatest month for my net worth compared to the last few months of 2017. We also have the market going haywire so far this month, so I don’t think I’ll be seeing any impressive gains at the end of this month either. The important part is that I am continuing the same pace of savings, and that should help to boost my portfolio at the time. I’m still making steady progress, and I’ll focus on my savings rate which I can control. The market will do what it wants, and over a longer timeline it should go up rather than down.

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