Jun 08

Updated Republic Wireless Review

I wrote a review about Republic Wireless back in April of last year when they essentially had two simple plans. Since then, a lot has changed and I decided it was time to update my review. I’ve been with Republic Wireless since December of 2013 now and I plan on sticking with them as long as my phone continues to perform at a decent level. I have the 1st generation Moto X and while the battery isn’t what it used to be, the Lollipop system update really brought new life to the phone and it’s as fast as ever. But this updated review isn’t about what Republic used to offer. I’m going to write about what they plan on offering and whether or not it’s a good deal for new customers or those looking to switch.

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Oct 29

Frugal Tip: Geocaching

If you’re looking for a hobby that doesn’t involve a huge money sink or getting the latest and greatest equipment, look no further than…geocaching! If you have never heard of geocaching and are thinking “what the heck is that?”, it’s a fairly simple concept. If you ever did a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt as a kid, geocaching is essentially a worldwide scavenger hunt using the help of GPS to find them. To get started all you will need is a smartphone that has GPS functionally, and then a free account at www.geocaching.com. And while you can buy a handheld GPS to help you on your search, it’s not required to enjoy the hobby.

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Nov 06

Make Money With Swagbucks

swagbucks logoYou may or may not have heard of the popular site to earn some extra money called Swagbucks. If you haven’t I want to share with you my easy way to do that and even if you have I’m hoping you might learn a few things. My strategy with Swagbucks is to spend as little time and effort to get the maximum amount of SB. Your time and my time is worth money, and I’m not trying to sit at my computer all day filling out surveys making a few dollars an hour. My strategy involves a mix of doing a few daily tasks, using mobile apps , and letting videos play in the background on your computer. So without further interruption let’s jump right in to my strategy to make money with Swagbucks.

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Jun 18

Frugal Tips: Opera Max Review

If you are still locked into an expensive cell phone contract with Verizon, AT&T or Sprint you know the pains of most likely being capped at 2GB and then either paying overage charges or being restricted and throttled to extremely slow speeds. That is where the Opera Max app comes in that can save you up to 50% of data usage with certain other apps. If you are not someone who is using a lot of data on your cellphone, I high recommend to head over and take a look at my review for Ting Mobile to start saving some money on your cellphone bill as soon as possible. And even if you are using Ting or another prepaid service, Opera Max can still save you either on your bill or towards your data cap depending on your service provider. Continue reading

Apr 29

Frugal Tips: Drive Alive App

Are you one of those people that looks in your rear view mirror, maybe takes a glance to the car at your side real quick, and then suddenly think that there are way too many people staring down at their phones, looking at the radio, or even doing their makeup? Or maybe you are someone that needs a little incentive to not look at that text message that caused your phone to go off (you really shouldn’t need it though)? Well while we can’t fully prevent all distracted driving, I recently found an app that is available in for both Android and iPhones that should at least help prevent and incentivize not using your phone at all while driving. This application is called Drive Alive and it will pay or reward you to not use your phone while driving, something I think everyone can get behind. Continue reading