Aug 11

Stokes State Forest Review

Over Memorial Day weekend, my girlfriend and I spent a long weekend cabin camping at Stokes State Forest.  We spent a total of three nights here, and we both wished that we were able to stay longer than we had. The park is located in Branchville, NJ up in the Northwest corner of New Jersey. There are three separate camping areas in the park: Shotwell, Steam Mill, and Lake Ocquittunk. Neither of us had been to this park before and we wanted to spend more time exploring rather than setting up, so we decided to go with renting a cabin instead of a campsite. This post is a Stokes State Forest review, particularly the cabins in the Lake Ocquittunk camping area.

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Jul 13

Letchworth State Park Review

Another campsite review coming your way! Late in June my girlfriend and I spent a week cabin camping at Letchworth State Park located in Castile, NY. The park is considered to be the “Grand Canyon of the East” and whether that title is self-claimed or by someone else, the gorge really is impressive and beautiful. Castile is located in Western New York, about an hour south of Rochester and an hour east of Buffalo, in the Genesee Region of New York.  There are five separate cabin areas with about 10+ cabins in each area, and then a large campsite are with over 200 campsites. The park itself is 18 miles long running North to South, so there is considerable distance (and multiple entrances) between everything.

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Nov 12

Promised Land State Park Camping Review

Over Columbus Day weekend, my girlfriend and I rented a camping cottage to stay in at Promised Land State Park. This state park is located in the Poconos of Pennsylvania, and the park address itself is within Greentown, PA. We decided to rent the camping cottage instead of using the tent because it made things easier for the long weekend, and things can get chilly in October in the Poconos. The electric heat was a guarantee against the cold weather even though we lucked out with warm weather during our stay there. There is plenty of things for everyone to do at Promised Land: hiking, fishing, swimming, and boat rentals just to name a few.

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Sep 01

Somes Sound View Campground Review

A while back I visited Acadia National Park with my girlfriend and we chose Somes Sound View Campground as our place to stay. This was actually our first time camping at what would be considered a private campground, as previously we had always camped at State or National parks. I can confidently say that our experience was a positive one and we enjoyed our stay at the campground. It’s located near Somesville on the “quiet side” of Mount Desert Island. This is the side of the island without all the “main” attractions of Acadia National Park and also the side opposite of Bar Harbor. I’m hoping that my review of Somes Sound View can help you in making a decision if you ever decide to visit Acadia National Park (you should).

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Nov 20

Tuckahoe State Park Review

Back in October, I went camping at Tuckahoe State Park with my girlfriend for a long weekend around Columbus Day. Tuckahoe State Park is located on the Eastern half of Maryland, close to the town of Denton. It’s also fairly close to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge which takes you into Annapolis, Maryland. We stayed in one of the “mini cabins” that they offer because this was easier and potentially warmer since October weather can be unpredictable. The cabin costs $50 a night so with the four nights we stayed it ending up costing a little over $200 when you add in the fees and taxes. Does this sound familiar? We did a similar trip last year when we visited Elk Neck State Park which is also located in Maryland.

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