Feb 02

2016 Goals

I haven’t really done a goals post in years past, as the primary goal was always to pay down my student loans as quickly as possible, and any other goals were considered secondary. I’ve treated my student loan debt as an emergency because of that, and all extra money was pushed towards that. As you know from January’s student loan update, that will not be the case for all of 2016. I have more financial decisions on the table and I’d like to flesh out a more detailed plan of what like I’d like to achieve. I’ll also be including some personal goals in addition to strict financial goals, which will hopefully keep me motivated.

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Jan 29

Paid Sick Leave

I’m big on early retirement and being able to spend your time as you see fit, to not be restricted by an employer. This is a long-term goal for me and one that will take many years of discipline and budgeting (probably a little luck too), but it is one that I am striving for. One of the reasons for that being one of my goals is due to the vacation policy (or lack thereof) here in the United States. There is no mandatory minimum vacation policy in the United States and there is also currently no mandatory paid sick leave. My job is great and I’m very happy with my career path so far, but I do not want my job to define me as a person. This may be a little easier for those doing research, entering the field of medicine, etc. But for most of us it’s not quite possible through a standard office job. It’s crazy how we are expected to spend so much time at work, even when not busy, when there is a lot more to see and do out in the world. There is now a proposal being made that would introduce paid sick leave to federal employees, and also a push for it on a national level as well.

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Oct 30

Mentally Exhausted

As of recently, I haven’t been blogging as much or as often as I’d like to be doing so. This is not due to a lack of post ideas or wanting to slow down, in fact I have a ton of post topics that I keep as drafts so that I don’t forget them and even have some partially written. It’s just that some nights I’ve come home and just too exhausted to even think about writing, just wanting be able to relax and go to the gym to get rid of my stress. I tell myself that I’ll write it the next day, but then I end up making plans for that day and something comes up and the cycle completes! I’ll always put my personal life before the blog but I also really enjoy writing on here so it’s part of finding a balance and that doesn’t always work when I feel that way.

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Nov 27

Personal Finance – 5 Things I Am Thankful For

thanksgiving personal financeThanksgiving Day is tomorrow and we all know this is a time for turkey, family, and great food here in the United States but it is also a time to stop and remember the things that we are thankful for. I figured I would do a short post in the Thanksgiving spirit with a little personal finance twist to it, and let you know about 5 things in my “personal finance life” that I am thankful for. I’ll call it my personal finance Thanksgiving post. Continue reading

Nov 14

Getting A Raise – Again!

getting a raiseI received some awesome news the other day – that I would be receiving another raise this year! My previous raise was given to me around 1 year of being employed, this raise came with my normal yearly review. So you can say that the first raise was somewhat of a “bonus” raise for this year and something that has really made me feel like my hard work is paying off. My review was earlier this week and at the end of the review time I received notice that my salary would be increasing from $53,000 to $55,000. That is almost a 4% raise and I like had said – I just recently received a raise from $50,000 to $53,000. It’s been a very good year for increasing my income and I have no complaints about being compensated fairly for my work, I’m extremely grateful for it. Continue reading